Friday, March 30, 2007

Our third child.

This cat! He is so in love with baby Elliot. "Fat Cat" has to be by my side when I feed Elliot, diaper him, etc. He tries to come and lick him when he cries. He purrs unremittingly when he is near Elliot. Now, I find him in Elliot's "Baby Papasan" seat. Ridiculous kitty! Cat fur galore. Darn it.

One of my good friends has a cat named “Elliot.” And no, I did not name our son after my friend’s “baby!” This same cat runs and hides from Nora. Go figure!


Jessica said...

How funny, what a good cat though (besides sitting laying in the baby papasan!)

sheena said...

Very nice start to your blog...looks like a pro did it
yes...Elliot's smile is priceless and beautiful...I agree