Monday, April 2, 2007

"A Horse is a horse..."

Nora spent the weekend on a relative’s farm in Topeka, Kansas, primarily to spend time with her most beloved creature, a charming miniature horse. The horse holds allure and intrigue for many people, but, first and foremost, for dear Nora. She finds this animal to be striking, but bewitching, captivating, yet cautious, loving, but leery, and trusting, yet now and then, bashful. Few animals offer such variety of sizes, shapes, colors and uses. Of course, horses are no longer used to carry warriors off to battle, or to carry mail bags across miles and miles of perfidious landscape, but they are finding a very special place in many people’s lives...and a special horse has tiptoed right into Nora’s. Nora has the unique ability to actually “become” a horse. Indeed, her imagination is quite captivating. I so wish to capture her on video while in “horse mode,” and someday I will. But for now, I merely revel in the priceless photos from the weekend.

I will soon begin to provide some pro bono PR services to an organization in town that provides a therapeutic horseback riding program and equine-oriented activities to individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities. In time, Elliot will become involved as well, and I hope that his love of horses mimics that of sister's.

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amy flege said...

aww how sweet!! your description is so beautiful... to bad iam sooo allergic to horses