Sunday, May 13, 2007


Upon the arrival of our beautiful boy nine months ago (in his miniature, premature state), the physicians uttered nothing of the sort. As a substitute, the focus was on impending risks, apparent health concerns and the fact that our new baby boy had a problem – an extra 21st chromosome. And they said just that. He had a problem. Nothing with regard to the exclusivity and splendor of his enhancement left the mouths of the almighty physicians. They went on to discuss average life expectancy, possible heart conditions, failure to thrive, hypotonia, hearing loss, vision problems, thyroid disease, etc. I learned rapidly that my second career would be that of a nurse and I educated myself. And, I persist with said education. Within the last few months, many have asked how long I have been in nursing. I merely smile.

Today, as a Mother’s Day gift to myself, I relish in the verity that I have been chosen to raise an enhanced child. A superior being who has more than most. A child who defied odds, who continues to flout our medical community and who has taught me the meaning of life. What beauty I hold in my arms each and every day.

Indeed, I am also blessed to raise what the world considers to be a “typical” five-year-old seraph of a daughter. I carry another gift in my tummy.

I thank God that I have been chosen. I wish that every mother could savor such perfection.


Jessica said...

Beautiful post! Happy Mother's Day!

Miranda said...

Wonderfully written! Happy late mothers day!

Michelle said...

what a beautiful post! happy mother's day!

Sara said...

Wonderful! And I love that picture!!!!

L. Noelle said...

I am so happy to have found your blog, and this post! I would love for you to add my link to yours, and I would love to add your link to mine! I am advocating to change precisely what you speak of. The experience you had, is the experience that we are all still having and it needs to change! Please stop by my blog and sign my petition to change the way Down Syndrome diagnosis' are given! Hope to see you there! Noelle