Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hidden within your name is an extraordinary story.


“E” is for EXTRA. We thank God you were blessed.
“L” is for LOVE, as with you, it is unconditional.
“L” is for LAUGHTER. You have brought us so much.
“I” is for IMPORTANT. You are our family’s focal point.
“O” is for OPTIMISM. You have produced nothing but…
“T” is for TEACHER. Enough said.

“J” is for the JOY that you deliver with smiles.
“A” is for APPLE. You are the apple of my eye.
“M” is for MIRACLE. Dear boy, you are truly a vision of God.
“E” is for EXPRESSIVE. Your charm is indisputable.
“S” is for SIGNIFICANT. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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FamilySnows said...

This is really neat a fun! I love acrostics. Maybe you should start a meme - it would be fun to do!