Saturday, May 26, 2007

Worth take a look.

This piece, found in The Oregonian, was so very encouraging. The future is bright indeed.

Disarming disability

A PSU office assistant with Down syndrome excels at tasks with a work ethic and demeanor that wow others and prove false the stereotype

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

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freebox said...

I met Linnae just this afternoon and I assure you she's quite an amazing woman.

Here's my favorite quotes:

"I play a girl who has Down's Syndrome."

"I can see the things that no one else can."

"The only label I'll accept is extraordinary."

"I just HAD to be myself."

"I have a life."


I think the last one says it all. What a wonderful attitude to go through life with. It's very inspiring, personally. I used to have the privelege of having a lot of good times with kids with Down's and let me tell you, they look like they're having waaaay more fun than the rest of us. =)