Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Subconscious repetitiveness?

Alas, I am extremely tired, but had to get some thoughts down before heading off to bed. It is now 11:31 p.m., and one year ago today, at precisely the same time, we were headed to the hospital for what, unbeknownst to me, would be a three night stay. And this evening, without thought or planning on my part, mimics the night we spent together exactly a year ago as well. We ate at the same restaurant, had the same meal, and headed home, but with a feeling that something just was not quite right. I even ate a handful of nacho chips before bed (and have just finished some at the present). The climate was humid, overcast and lightening filled the sky, just as it does as I type. I was 32 weeks pregnant, as I am now. Although tonight, I feel as if I am somewhat more secure in this pregnancy…I do not fear a preterm birth as I type on the eve of my baby boy’s first birthday. Sweet Elliot was born at just after 7 a.m. on August 8, 2006. I am pregnant with his dear brother and can only pray that, despite the preterm contractions that are being stopped with an overabundance of medication, he will not come early…he will be healthy and he will let me celebrate his sweet brother’s first birthday devoid of worry. Tomorrow marks the birth of our charming cherub, Elliot James, and oh, what a doll baby he is. He will be the best big brother ever, and hopefully, his new sibling will be born at term and with more than a mere cramp or two as a warning.

As a final thought, happy birthday Elliot James and “STAY PUT” baby Isaac…tomorrow WILL be a great day indeed!


~Melissa~ said...

I bet it's a strange feeling for you to be going through some of the same things! I'm sending lots of stay put vibes to Issac and many happy birthday wishes to Elliot!

Laura Q said...

Happy Birthday Dear Sweet Elliot! He is going to be the best big brother!

Shana said...

I stumbled upon your blog from WW. I am in awe of what I have read here. Your family is beautiful. Glad to have 'meet' you. And Happy Birthday wishes to your little Elliot.