Thursday, November 29, 2007

Beautiful things.

I adore the Christmas season. We have been blessed with so many beautiful things – mainly gifts of loveliness and splendor from wonderful people. I’m sharing some of the pretty things. Nora’s favorite thing to do is “rearrange” after we’ve got everything put properly in its place. The boys, of course, are too young to manipulate our Christmas treasures, but soon…

We have Nora’s wooden Nativity set from my mother; the lovely “Dough Boy” cookie jar from dad that I love to fill up with goodies; our fine-looking Santa statue that sits proudly on top of the DVD case; Nora’s beloved rocking horse; the tree, of course; with the angel that Jeff and I purchased when we were engaged; the cat who eats the tree and a very special ornament that was passed down to us from a very extraordinary, and very, very elderly woman that was Jeff’s neighbor as a child. The ornament was made by a young lad with Down syndrome nearly 50 years ago. Isn’t it just perfect? Just as perfect, I am certain, as the boy who made it.

Wishing everyone a magical season filled with love!


Stephanie said...

One, I love the Dough Boy.

Two, I thought the ornament was beautiful even before I read the origins.

Pam said...

Love them! It snowed like 7 inches here last night, I need to get out and take some picts of the new house and all of my crazy decorations!

Loves again!