Wednesday, November 14, 2007


What are you thankful for? I was tagged by Stephanie at A is for Aiden to reflect.

There are trivial things, such as turkey and football (and lying indolently on the couch after indulging in too much) which are often associated with Thanksgiving today. We would be wise, instead, to focus our attention on our almighty God to whom we owe all of our thanksgiving. God has blessed me with so much. This Thanksgiving, I give thanks for:

Elliot’s angelic eyes that light up at the sight of his baby brother…even amid the screams.

Baby Isaac’s health…we prayed for the best.

Sweet Nora’s heart of gold, and ability to see only beauty on earth.

Elliot’s “enhancement” and the joy that it has brought to me in the way of new special friends.

Jeff’s ability to provide for our family. Because of him, I am able to focus on the aforementioned.

I am tagging Melissa at Banana Migraine, Laura at Now I’m a Mom and Jess at Raising Joey.

May your Thanksgiving be blessed with the bounty of the season and many beautiful smiles from family and friends.

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