Thursday, December 20, 2007


We are off to visit a pediatric neurologist in late January. Until then, I will worry, and worry some more. It is in my nature to worry, and I must say that it has gotten substantially worse since the birth of Wee E and Isaac. Many “what ifs” cross my mind: What if my dear boy does have another syndrome? What if he cannot walk? What if his brain is further damaged? What if he begins to suffer with seizures…etc.? What if?

My husband pointed out, in a very blunt fashion upon hearing the news regarding potential problems, “Michelle, it is NOT in your hands.” And no, it really isn’t. I merely ask that God remove the “what ifs” from my psyche until we learn more.

There were many "what ifs" back when this photo was taken 16-months ago, but really, look how far we have come. Love to my sweet boy.


Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Wee E, and your entire family during this difficult time.

~Melissa~ said...

It is so hard not to focus on those what if's. I have the same problem. Your little E has come through amazingly - he's a strong little guy and you are a beautiful and strong mama.

I'm sorry that the what if's have to come creeping back again. You are all in my prayers Michelle.

Pam said...

Oh Michelle, the what if's are just awful aren't they? It's so hard.

Let me know if I can do anything for you, please call if you need me.

One of these days we are both going to sit down TOGETHER and vent, then drink ourselves into oblivion. Sound fun???? ;)