Friday, December 28, 2007


So, rarely have I posted about milestones, as Elliot has taken his sweet time. His big old head wasn’t steady until later than a year after all. But now, it seems that dear “Wee E” is really moving forward by leaps and bounds.

On Christmas day, little Elliot sat up unassisted. What a gift! And he sat, low and behold, for over ten whole seconds. My mom, bless her heart, has also taught him to say “Grandma.” “Waamaa,” as Elliot so proudly states. Just in time too, as Isaac has started his babbling phase. It is so cute to watch my boys “talk” to one another. Elliot said “Ma Ma” early at about nine months, but that was it. Now, his blessed vocabulary includes: “Ma Ma;” “Ba;” “Da Da” and the latest, “Waamaa.” He is just so amazing! I had better watch out for Nora's new talking bird (above). The directions state that it repeats things that it is taught to say (out of the blue). Let's hope Nora keeps her vocabulary clean. No poopy talk please, Missy. Elliot may just learn something that I'd prefer he not hear...or say. Actually, Nora doesn't say bad words. She's really quite angelic. I'm the one who should watch it!

Elliot has also learned to clap on command. I say “clap, clap, clap,” and he hits those two chubby little hands together with the greatest of merriment. He does it too when he thinks that he has done something cool, which is quite often!

He’s rocking too, on all fours that is. And, he has mastered the almighty commando crawl. Alas, I cannot leave him alone on the floor any longer. He makes his way to the back door now that looks off on to the deck. He loves to watch what’s going on outdoors. Lately, snow. So stunning he must think it is. He's into cords too and wants to pull all of my computer stuff on to the floor. "No no" little man...

He loves all of his new Christmas toys and likes taking part in stealing his sissy’s stuff too. His favorite: her stuffed animals. “Mom, he’s slobbered all over my stuff again,” I hear quite often. Oh, let the fun begin. Wait until Isaac joins in!

Oh, and the teeth are coming fast and furious. Bottom two, in for quite some time. Top two, popped through as well. And some uppers are coming also. Now, if I could get him to eat something besides his Pediasure in the bottle that he holds, we’d be set.

Elliot has had a slow start. He was a tiny preemie and now, he’s becoming the little toddler that I thought may not emerge for quite some time. Gosh, I love him so! So, what's next my sweet little muffin? 2008 will be a fantastic year indeed. I can feel it.


amy flege said...

yippy elliot!! we are so proud of you!! keep it up!!!!

~Melissa~ said...

Yay Wee E! Those milestones are such sweet moments in life aren't they. I have found that because Delphine has reached things at her own, slower pace - I really enjoy and savor each one reached.

Keep up the fantastic work Elliot!

Laura said...

Way to go Sweet Elliot!
I am loving all of these pictures of your adorable children. Hope you have a very Happy New Year!

mom2noah said...

Elliot's pictures are just priceless. What a cutie pie. WTG on all your milestones. Have a wonderful,fun and exciting 2008!

Jeff said...

That is so great. Way to go Big E.


Kari said...

Your Elliot is so sweet. We just love reading about milestones YAY for Elliot!

Mrs Wibbs said...

I'm so so pleased for you that Elliot is making such progress!! Yippee!!!! Added to which he is just about the most adorable child (apart from mine obviously...) - these photos are delicious :o)
Well done that Mama!! You're doing well.