Saturday, January 19, 2008

Loves and Hates... (although I "hate" that word) :)

I have been tagged by dear Mrs. Wibbs with a love and hate meme.

Let’s see, where to start. I love the smell of my freshly bathed boys; Isaac especially as he is my little grimy muffin. Stinky baby – and I am in awe when I am able to get all of the stink off!

I love Elliot’s brushfield spots in his angelic eyes. It is almost as if I get a small glimpse of Heaven when gazing into them.

I love Nora’s stunning and virtuous curls. She is a cherub in disguise!

I hate the “R” word. And I hate it that I never seem to have the appropriate response to hearing it until after the fact. I love it that I have been blessed with a “perfect” child, and hate it that some people in the universe would never consider him to be described as such.

I love to make it up in the morning before everyone else. I need a bit (just a bit) of free time to collect my thoughts before the never ending feeding and diapering begins for the day. I hate to get client calls before 9 a.m. That is “MY” time with my children.

I love it that Nora has a loose tooth (the first one), but hate it that she is becoming a pre-teen at the youthful age of nearly 6.

I love Elliot’s slobber and his gooey kisses. I love it that Nora still asks for her special “night night” song that I made up to sooth her as a baby. I love Isaac’s magical, toothless grin.

I hate it that there are only 24 hours in each day, and I seem to tire by 7 p.m. every evening. I hate it that there is no time to spend alone with my husband and I feel as if I need to hand off child-rearing duties just as soon as he arrives home from work. I hate it that I have to work on the side, but do love making my clients happy.

I love the first snow of the season, but hate dragging the children out in Nebraska’s harsh winters. I love sun tans, but hate the damage incurred by indulging.

I love a clean house, but hate the fact that I am consumed with cleaning and cannot rid myself of the obsession.

I love wine, but hate hangovers!

I love life and pray that I am able to instill the same love of simple existence in my three beloved children. I love God above all and thank Him daily for my blessings.

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Stephanie said...

My responses to "So and so is r___ " or "That is so r___ ", "Oh, really, so is my son! What syndrome do you have?" or "Well, since you obviously know the meaning of r___, so well, you also must be r___."

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

You did such a good job with yours, I don't know if I could do any better or even as good! I'll try though.

Tammy and Parker said...

Uh..about that cleaning obsession.....wanna come over to my house? :)

Tammy and Parker

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I completed my meme! Come see!

TerriSamsmommy said...

what is a meme? I am new at this...

TerriSamsmommy said...

Okay, I completed the meme, I will work on finding those to tag...take a peek if you want.

mom2noah said...

I'm with Tammy, come on over! Yours were so sweet.

Mrs Wibbs said...

I love your beautiful responses to what was to begin with a fairly boring, superficial meme... you have done such a good job of voicing a lot of your feelings here! And there are so many echoes here of what my own heart feels. I think you and I are really quite alike! Blessings dear friend xx