Friday, April 25, 2008

Initial Grade School Carnival

It was a hit. Nora had a blast and my parents sat with the boys. Nora was so coordinated. She won all sorts of trinkets with her mechanical ability. Her luck ran out, however, when it came to the cake (I mean “candy bar/candy box”) walk. We tried EIGHT times to win. I even joined in – only momma out there I must add. We so wanted that box of Hot Tamales. Maybe next year.

I, unlike dear Nora, have zero mechanical ability. I was always the one to win the cake though. I remember, with fondness, walking home with it (such a beloved prize) each and every year. It was a poignant moment when I saw that they have done away with the homemade cakes and replaced them with movie box-style candy. I suppose people can no longer be trusted.

I was happy also to be able to meet a dear woman whose angel of a daughter with Down syndrome attends the school. I see her walking out daily when I pick Nora up. She is 11 and in the 4th grade. What a lovely child. Her mom was equally as lovely and raising two children on her own. I was glad that I finally got to meet her as I admire her sweetie daily.

Nora posed with me a few times unwillingly. I kept hearing, “Your hair is in my face,” MOM!” Too funny. Such a mop I am sporting lately.

So, some photos from our event are above. A happy time was had by all.


Stephanie said...


~Melissa~ said...

Looks like fun! I always loved doing the cake walk too :)

Amy said...

It must be carnival time! We went to ours on Friday and participated in many of the same events. Joe liked the ring toss and the cake walk (who doesn't?). You kids are getting so big! They both look great.