Friday, May 9, 2008

Some “background”

Lovely Pam; dear, dear Pam, tagged me for a meme. Kind of a fun one and made me smile!

What was I doing 10 years ago: Puts me back to um, about 28 years of age (Can I go back again?). I had just left a deficient (in so many ways) boyfriend of seven years whom I lived with. He did not work; he blew off his architectural degree to pretend (“PRETEND” = operative word) to be an artist and he just plain sucked.

I was working at a hotel as their marketing person and not making nearly enough money to justify the amount of hours that I spent (and tears that I shed) trying to promote an independent hotel, AAA, 4-diamond restaurant (yep, right here in Lincoln and yep, it failed as Lincolnites have no desire to spend $50 per plate on a regular basis), conference center and lovely little boutique all contained within. Learned a lot, but was happy to leave, as I did not have a staff, just lowly old me, and worked the job of at least 5 people. Hotel, by the way, was sold to Marriott recently. That too sucks.

Besides work and the boyfriend left in the dust, I was beginning to wonder when I would actually marry and have kiddos. Did a lot of wondering sitting at bars with friends. A year later, I met my husband at a BAR (a nasty one at that). Married the next year and kiddo number one arrived the following year.

5 Things on my “to do” list today: Drag my sickly bottom out of bed; feed two babies; bathe two babies; feed dear Nora her waffles with peanut butter before school; play with two babies (incorporating my therapy sessions with Elliot on and off all day) and take client calls in between, until well, generally 8 p.m. when they stop (the calls, not the babies!).

Things that I would do if I were a billionaire: Join Pam in “starting some type of a foundation to help medically fragile children and their families get some of the care that they need;” Take Nora to China (she is engrossed by China.); Buy Nora all of the horses that she could ever want; Try to make myself look pretty for the blasted 20-year high school reunion that is approaching in less than a month; better yet, skip the whole damn thing and organize a gathering with the few true friends that are still around (not in China though, perhaps Paris); Travel around the country visiting all of the wonderful women that I am now blessed to call friends due to my dear baby boy with Down syndrome; Oh, and I suppose I’d pay off the house and our debt and maybe buy a pretty car to sit in the garage like my dad’s (Hey, Dad, are you reading?); Last but not least, I would teach my children the value of money and really, how it simply cannot buy a whole lot of happiness. That, I have learned, has to come from within and from Above.

3 Bad Habits: Perfectionism and OCD; red wine; did I mention perfectionism?

5 Places that I have lived: Omaha and Lincoln only. Will I ever leave the “great” state of Nebraska? I suppose, if I were a billionaire as mentioned above, I’d move all three families the heck out of here and build a ranch somewhere near the mountains.

5 Jobs that I have had: 1. Hostess at the only restaurant in town that actually required its staff to dress in black and white and had lovely cloth napkins and pretty pink table cloths (rocking menu too); 2. Marketing coordinator for an accounting firm (Whew, did those guys know how to have a good time – NOT!!); 3. Marketing director at hotel; 4. Marketing director for regional cellular company (and local chamber of commerce in the same year); 5. PR director at a local university (cannot leave out the most IMPORTANT job of Momma – screw the rest of it!). BTW, just sent for all sorts of info on how to obtain a BA in nursing. Really though, like my friend, Pam, we should already have the stinking piece of paper!

I tag Amy, Melissa and JEFF. Do tell ladies (and gentleman).

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