Friday, June 13, 2008

Contemplation: career change.

I am a marketer…a PR person…one who "sells" things and services and ideas via communications…excreta. I work for myself. I have worked for myself for nearly seven years. Lately, I have been leaning toward marketing the services offered by medical professionals. I don’t know why I have “leaned” that way…trended toward the marketing of medicine – but I have.

I’m bored. I love my physician client with all of my heart, but I am weary. I wish that I were him. I know that is a goal which is way off in left field, but I am pondering the idea of a career change.

I think that I may just go back to school for nursing, with APRN (Advance Practice Registered Nurse) as the goal.

I know – expensive and my darn degree is in journalism. But, I don’t care. I have two years of “on the job training;” I am asked on a very consistent basis by very qualified medical professionals where I “practice.” Practice? What? I just take care of my kiddo/s and learned really quickly about some of the core elements of taking care of a premature baby with Down syndrome. (I had to. Who else was going to question the authority figures?) I have thyroid disease. Actually, I have two thyroid diseases. My boys have thyroid disease – not the typical kind – but the really weird kind where they inherited antibodies from me.

My last two pregnancies were as high risk as a pregnancy can get – I learned how to take care of myself, how to ask the right questions and demand the right tests.

My kid has been put through the ringer (not nearly as much “stuff,” though, as some of the other kiddos that I am proud to know, but Elliot has seen his fair share of specialists and the like). Again, I learned quickly.

I want to help. I want to help all of the children out there that receive poor medical care. I am motivated enough to learn what needs to be learned and I feel as if this is some kind of a calling. And really, I have the PR down pat. I know how to be “nice,” but this time, my congeniality will be sincere – not canned as my profession has sometimes dictated.

My husband says that I am positively INSANE. Perhaps – but I’m only just now pushing 38. Why the hell not? Financial aid, however, will be a must.

Scholarships anyone?


Kele said...

Michelle, thank you for viewing Presley's blog. So many people from the DS community have been so embracing, it touches me deeply. Thank you for the compliments and I have to say your family is one of beauty itself...your Isaac reminds me of my sweet Jett, I would nab that Elliot & take him home if I could and I would like to make a wig for myself out of Nora's hair!!! :-) Look forward to bloggin' with ya!

~Melissa~ said...

Dear Michelle. I think you should go for it. You are an amazing woman and are so caring and sweet - I think you would succeed with flying colors! I hope you find some financial aid so you can go for it!!

Stephanie said...

You mean the degrees we got when the kids were born don't really count?! LOL

You can look into government grants....

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I think if you feel your ready then you should go for it!

Got a question though... I have never heard of a APRN, and I am a RN... is that like a ARNP (Advanced Registered Nurse Practioner)?

Michelle said...

hey shannon - here are Nebraska's guidelines:

Kari said...

I plan to return to school to complete the RN program as soon as Tristan is settled into full days at school. (One year from September) I worked with Alzheimer's patients up until T was 18 months and my plan to complete the RN program was put on hold. I am 38 too!

Emily said...
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Nicole said...

oops that was me that deleted. One of our little friends was here today and we created a blog for her. :) My comment by me:

I'm proud of you honey! I say go for it! I'm thinking of getting my master's in Special Education, and I'm 42! :) We CAN change the world for our kiddos!HUGS