Thursday, June 26, 2008


We bought the cat for Nora.

Really, we did.

But this little fur ball thinks that she belongs to Elliot. After Elliot has vacated any item, the cat follows as she must smell him on the particular item. She predominantly loves the Bumbo and Elliot uses it to sit and watch his videos. I found her here just now – and I just removed Elliot from his seat not moments ago.

Elliot too loves our new cat. He’ll sit and just watch her and laugh – for no reason at all…he just laughs.

Perhaps we should get another cat…for Nora.


~Melissa~ said...

Who wouldn't adore Wee E?! She's a pretty kitty - hopefully she'll start following sweet Nora around too - or you might end up with 2 cats!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

What a beautiful cat! I have seen so many cats love those Bumbos! Poor Nora! It may just take a little longer for the cat to warm up to her. I have heard of cats being partial to a particular sex. Have you noticed her go more to your husband too and less to you?

Amy said...

What a great photo. I laughed out loud when I opened to your blog!