Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

Was this photo actually taken one year ago today?

Wow – how my boy has grown. Of course, after I gather all three, I’ll update with current photos from today’s festivities.

Festivities, of course, which I can now partake in. For the last two years, on the Fourth of July, I have been pregnant: 7 months with Elliot in 2006 and 6 months with Isaac in 2007~ CRAZY! Of course, I never carried full-term with both of them. Elliot – born at 32 weeks; Isaac at 36.

And this year, no babe in my tummy. Instead two in my arms! Loving life!

Happy day to all.


~Melissa~ said...

He has grown so much!! Enjoy the festivities Michelle! I've been thinking about Wee E - sending him lots of good vibes :)

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Happy Independence Day to you too! Elliot is adorable!

I guess you can call this an Independence from pregnancy, huh?

Kele said...

Can't wait for you to post the pics from today!