Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A lovely woman and self advocate

I am pleased to introduce you to a very insightful young woman and self advocate for Down syndrome. Jessica can be found here. Do drop by and say hello. Simply stated, WHAT AN INSPIRATION. God bless you, Jessica!


~Melissa~ said...

You are awesome for posting this! She is an incredible Self Advocate.

Nicole said...

Isn't she great? And Happy Belated to Elliot! I hope that some day those bad memories will fade, but I bet it will be after you have that degree and changed the course of a few families' memories!

Oh and I saw those new smoothies today and was a little I'll tell you what I think after I try one.

I met Connor at the conference and had him autograph my book. I can't wait to start reading it!

And lastly...Elliot WILL be talking your ear off before you know it.

Oh no, this is last...your kids are GORGEOUS! as always!

Ashley's Mom said...

Michelle, thanks for visiting my post on 5 MInutes for Special Needs. And yes, I's love to have coffee :)

5MFSN is a great site with an awsome team of writers. I hope you can stop by often.

You may also want to stop by my personal blog, Pipecleaner Dreams.

And a belated Happy Birthday to your handsome son!