Saturday, August 16, 2008

For beloved boy.

I did this for my boy, and the others who are blessed as being perfect. It has been said by a very prominent figure of a dear young man that died recently that our children have a one way ticket to Heaven. I couldn’t agree more.

Unfortunately, but probably for the better, our local paper did not link the piece on their site, but it did run front page today.

And, it made it all worthwhile when a few local mothers called me today – not mothers who have differently-abled children, but just mothers. They said that they bought extra copies so they could send them to their friends. They also noted that they would encourage everyone that they knew NOT to go to the movie. It has been a really good day – a good day indeed.


Tammy and Parker said...


Send me the url to that picture!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Front page???? Awesome! Glad you are touching the hearts of many!

Christina said...

Michelle that is SO awesome!

Amy said...

Michelle - You are my hero! Will you send a link to the front page to me? I would love to post it on my blog.

Christina said...


I am so PROUD to just know you, or kind of know ypu at least!

I hope it takes A LONG time or that that movie is not showing up in Austria at all. Thanks for standing up for us!

Kari said...

Way To Advocate!! WOOHOO

Pam said...

That was a great article.....Just wondering though, are you getting my emails? I keep getting a delay notification. I have sent you 4 in the last three days.

Let me know, I didn't get to call you today about the picture, trying to do last min. registering and trasfering all of the kids records.

I will give you a buzz tomorrow. ALL of the kids will be in school except for Rhett. I don't know what I am going to do!!!

Loves to you.

Amy said...

Thanks, Michelle. I couldn't get to the photos on the page (alas!) but I did read the comments sent in to the paper. Wow--that was depressing. Gee, maybe I should take the informed responders advice and "get a life."

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