Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dentists, oral aversions…and tears.

Wee E has a dental check-up this afternoon. Nora and Isaac will also receive a “look-see.” I pray that Nora is clear this time. Her last visit, which was her first visit, brought 8 (yes, EIGHT) cavities, two follow-up appointments with fillings in destroyed baby molars and many tears.

Elliot has a severe oral aversion, so it is my assumption that tears will be shed today as well. His teeth are so sweet, a bit scattered, a bit crooked, and somewhat pointed in certain cases, but sweet nonetheless. I love to watch them shine when he smiles. I am happy that he has so many and is cutting his two-year molars as well.

Unfortunately, he used said teeth to bite his brother two days ago when Isaac attempted to touch his mouth. It was horrid and many tears were shed then too. I do hope that Elliot learns to use his teeth in a more appropriate fashion very soon. The poor kiddo will not eat. We’re still strictly ingesting a full diet of Pediasure. When momma comes with the spoon, the cracker, even a blessed Cheeto, (AND the tooth brush) Elliot goes running (not literally, but many tears…again, are shed). SIDE NOTE: (Barney is singing about teeth on the television right now – felt the need to share the irony). By the way, Barney scares the daylights out of me, but the boys are in awe.

Needless to say, it is a busy day. Buried with PR correspondence; dental appointment; ballet at 6:15; oh, and today is our 8-year wedding anniversary. I doubt we’ll do dinner here as the house is in shambles. My appliances are in the garage as we are installing a new kitchen floor. My kitchen furniture is in the living room and I am pulling hairs out cleaning wood shavings which have made their way into the bathrooms across the house.

I keep telling myself that life would simply be lackluster if we didn’t have 50 things going on at once. I wonder how it will be when I start nursing school in August. I did receive my acceptance letter last week.

Regarding the tears, the dentist and the oral aversion mess, a thought or two would be appreciated. Sending mine out to those in need as well.


Michelle said...

Oh my goodness today is our 8 yr anniversary too! How neat! :) Happy Anniversary to you guys!

Hope the dental visit goes better than you expect - I NEED to get Kayla an appt -she's only been once and hardly let them look in her mouth, so I've been a bad mom and have put it off!

amy flege said...

wow. hope the dentist went ok!! happy anniversary!

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

First of all congratulations on your acceptance to nursing school - that is wonderful!! Happy anniversary too :)

I hope the dental visit goes well - maybe Wee E will surprise you and love the dentist!

Jenny said...

Hope the dentist appt goes well. My little guy also has a lot of oral defensiveness - we go to a dentist that specializes in pediatric and handicapped dentistry, so at least they're used to children screaming while getting their teeth checked!

Nicole said...

Darrah and Nora must have the same teeth! Darrah STILL is getting cavities at 10, and she is anal about her oral health. Sad!

Give E a hug from me. An OT once gave me the tip of not crossing the midline when brushing our kids teeth. It seems to leave them a bit more centered, but it sounds like he has true oral aversions and not just a tooth/sensory issue. HUGS

Imsavimsa said...

Wow, nursing school! I used to think it would be great working as a nurse preferably at a children's hospital. But the working hours made me think again, and decide that the "nursing" I do at home will have to do.

Happy Anniversary!

mom2noah said...

Good luck at the dentist, I'm still looking for one that will see Noah, no big rush as he is just starting to pop teeth. Happy Anniversary too!