Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Skating and surprises.

Miss Nora attended her first skating birthday party on Sunday. What a riot! She was quite agile and made her way around the rink sans momma or dad’s hand in about three tries. Oh, and she won the limbo – flexible like Elliot!

To my amazement, there was a teen boy whirling around like no one’s business (among all of the grade school kids without bumping anyone). That, in and of itself, is nothing so special, only this teenager had Down syndrome. He was, by far, the best skater at the rink. Skated circles around me (literally), and I used to be pretty darn good back in the day! What an inspiration. Looks like I’ll need to get Wee E a pair of skates (that is, after he learns to walk)!

I did ask this pictured young man if I could please have permission to post his photo. He said, “Sure!”


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Oh how I miss those roller skating days! Such fun!!! I can't wait to see Wee E in some skates. You and Nora both look fantastic rolling around!

Carey said...

that's awesome! i love hearing about kids like that!