Tuesday, October 14, 2008

31 for 21 (#14) Stop. Look. Listen.

Get It Down; 31 for 21

A typical morning went something like this: get up angry as the alarm sounded already; trip into the shower; get dressed in a silly business suit; feed Nora; struggle to get Nora dressed; rush to the daycare; drop Nora off while trying to ignore the tears; speed to work (late) attempting to avoid a ticket; park in a crowded university parking lot; jet to a desk; turn on a computer…sit, distressed in an office and listen to the grumpy boss yell regarding yesterday’s “poorly written” press release all damned morning.

Rushed. That’s what it was. Simply hasty and oblivious to what was happening around me.

Life is different now. I am happy to get up. I shower if I feel like it. I spend time in the morning with Nora. I have the pleasure of walking into our boys’ room knowing that two big smiles and outreached arms are waiting for me.

If weather allows, we walk to school. We look at the color of the leaves on the trees: the stunning shades of red…orange and yellow. We stop. We examine at the leaves, up close and enjoy the change of the seasons.

In the car, the focus is not on surpassing the speed limit, rushing to some inconsequential destination. Cars sometimes pass us, irritated with our pace. We listen to the music on the radio. It is not merely background noise anymore. We listen to the words, what the artist is really saying…and generally sing along, all four of us (and dad too if he is with us).

Life slowed down dramatically after Elliot arrived. I learned to appreciate. I learned to enjoy. I was finally able to ascertain what was significant. Fastidiousness disappeared, or rather, was redefined.

Indeed, life is still hectic – a three kids type of hectic. But the focus has changed. I still work, but from a home base and if my clients fail to appreciate my priorities, they are no longer my clients. I make time for play. I make time for laughter, and I see life through the eyes of three children, one of whom just so happens to have special needs. He will forever appreciate life, of course, seeing things much differently than most. And, because of him, I am privileged and now can experience life at a much more leisurely, and enjoyable…

p a c e.

Elliot’s pace.

I’ll never go back.


Rachel said...

I would never go back either...You are AWESOME!!!!! and so is Elliott!


Rachel said...

Michelle...thank you for your comment on my blog.

Mason will be wearing the cast till November 11th and then off for x-ray and then if need be they will put it back on for a few more weeks.

Also...thanks for praying for my friend Stephanie. I KNOW she will make it! I pray every day for her!


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

I love what you've written. One of my most favorite things about Delphine is that she's taught me to slow down. It's a much better pace of life!