Thursday, October 16, 2008

31 for 21 (#16) Tests...and more tests

Get It Down; 31 for 21

Off to the pediatric ENT specialist in Omaha we go on Friday. Elliot, for over 23 months, lived sans ear infections.


Now, two in two months. Damn!

I can hear the recommendations now – tubes, tonsils, adenoids, bla, bla, blabidy bla. Oh, and we really should do it in Omaha. Ick. Endocrinology is in Omaha. Neurology is in Omaha. Pulm is in Omaha. Hell, they are all in Omaha with the exception of our cardiologist. And, Elliot’s heart (with the exception of some small things that we need to “watch” - GREAT) is healthy. Go figure.

Omaha is fine. Just 50 miles away fine. The population is about three times that of the population here in the capital city, explaining the pedi specialists’ desires to be in Omaha, but it’s all fine.

What’s not fine is the fact that I have two other children and a husband on mandatory overtime at work. He, by the way, will take the day off on Friday and lose said mandatory OT pay for a two-week period to help me get two babies to Omaha.

God love the docs, but why is it that (and this is my humble opinion) because Elliot has Down syndrome they sometimes seem to use him as a guinea pig? “What can we learn today?” “Let’s compare and contrast.” “Well, if one child with an extra chromosome has it, they all will, right?” Right? Um…?

And, now that I have another baby, (also born early with thyroid issues like Elliot), they want to run him through test after test as well?

I KNOW – kiddos with Down syndrome generally have small ear canals. I get that. I know that his speech may be delayed because his little ears are filled with fluid. Get that too. But bam, a couple of ear infections and now it is a life or death situation and must be done NOW. Momma instincts will forever prevail and now my instincts are telling me that the tubes are not warranted just quite yet. He has done well with two ear tests as well.

Oh, and because Elliot had a tethered spinal cord, the docs think that Isaac may have one too. “He has the same sacral dimple, you know?”

Well, so does my HUSBAND. And his spine is NOT tethered. “Let’s just put Isaac under sedation for a MRI to look at his spine even though he shows no signs of a tethering, okay?” Ugh.

Yes, glass still half full and yes, I know these posts are to enlighten and advocate for our children, but really, I needed to vent just a bit.

I’m entitled.

We all are.

And, God still love the docs.

Back to my chipper self soon…perhaps tomorrow after I tell someone that…they are (enough said).


Stephanie said...

Aiden has an appointment with our 3rd set of ENTs tomorrow also. Hopefully, this one will actually do the tubes he so desperately needs.

All 4 My Gals said...

Vent away, you definitely DO deserve to!