Tuesday, October 28, 2008

31 for 21 (#28) Extensions

Get It Down; 31 for 21
Isaac and Nora, when comparing baby photos, look like twins. We are always told that they are spitting images of my husband: the curls, the big blue eyes, etc. Nora is starting to look a bit more like me, but for the most part, she’s all Jeff.

But, we have never been told that Elliot looks like either one of us. When people look at him, they cannot help but notice that he has Down syndrome. It is always what they see first. Shallow, but true.

But, if they look close enough, they’ll see his eyes, and they will look into his soul. I can see straight in.

One can only hope, as a parent, that their children will grow up taking on their good traits, becoming extensions (of the good parts) of each parent’s persona. Of course, all children are unique and will develop exclusive characters, based upon both nature AND nurture.

Elliot may not look like either Jeff or me. After all, he looks like an angel (and Lord knows that Jeff and I have our flaws). Matter of fact, I think that Elliot “is” an angel, and rather than worrying about just how he’ll turn out, I try to imitate HIM. When others may see drawbacks or disadvantages, he sees splendor. When others are distraught, he is forever filled with laughter and smiles. Cliché as it may sound to some, Elliot is our gift. And, rather than trying to determine if indeed he’ll become an extension of our worthy qualities, I will forever strive to emulate him: his courage and valor, his sincerity, and, most importantly, his inner beauty. That, my friends, is what it is all about. Because of Elliot, I don’t lose sleep regarding his siblings either! Blessed is an underestimation. We are sanctified with his presence.

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