Thursday, October 30, 2008

31 for 21 (#30) In reference to the "T" and the "21"

Get It Down; 31 for 21
Elliot is rockin' his new T21 gear. We have a cute little specialty shop here in town that does custom embroidery on kiddo clothing and things for adults as well. I could not resist this as well as a tee for Nora sporting her name and a peace symbol.

Funny, when I asked the 20-something gal for the letter "T" paired with the “21” she asked if I knew someone with Down syndrome, or if this was for my child. She thoroughly caught me off guard. She said that her sister had Cerebral Palsy, and that she was familiar with quite a lot from a medical standpoint. Familiar indeed. Like I said, I was flabbergasted with her question, but wow, maybe we are doing something to educate.


Carey said...

Adorable shirt! When you started the story I thought you were going to say the 20 something had no idea what you were talking about ... how cool is it that she knew!!!

Christina said...

ooooo I love it! Officially very jealous of such a shirt! And the kid is adorable as always!

Kari said...

Great shirt. So happy to hear that T21 is something people are becoming more and more familiar with. Elliot is so gorgeous!