Monday, December 22, 2008



Elliot has said two words. We have gone from consistent droning for over three months to “hi” – when spoken to and “maaam” – when I pick him up or approach.

And, he is trying so very hard.

Of course, with all that has gone on, I have been really working with him lately and he’s had his fair share of speech therapy as well. I do know that he’s been “under water” until his ear tubes were placed and really, should have been placed long ago. He now listens intently to Isaac’s speech as well and is trying to mimic him. Little brother has quite a vocabulary: mom, da da, ba, Nora, bye, hi, “la la” referring to his beloved Elmo, ball, dog, kitty, and many others. He’s also moving to two-word phrases.

Literally, just within the past few days, I have witnessed Elliot turn a corner of sorts. Jeff has also been spending a great deal of time with the children as I’ve been busy applying Clinique to faces in the evenings. “Daddy time” has been warranted (and lacking) and although he had to be pushed, I do sense that Jeff is enjoying his extra time with the boys especially. Elliot needed it.

What I have noticed is that one has to really get down on Elliot’s level – plainly right in his face – when speaking to him. That’s okay. I’ll do whatever it takes. His attention needs to be redirected at times as well, and that’s okay too. But, however rudimentary it may be, my boy is trying to speak and communicate his needs via additional body language as well. And, he loves the praise he receives when he does get the words out. Laughter and clapping always follows.

Nothing could make a momma happier…unless, of course, he takes a bite or two of Christmas dinner!


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Yay dear Elliot! That is so wonderful!! Merry Christmas to all of you :)

Carey said...

I'm glad you had a good Christmas, sinus infection and all. Yuck!

AND, two new words, that's great!!! I too noticed a HUGE difference in Chelsea when we get right down and speak at eye level. She understands so much more and this way I KNOW she's listening and getting all of the 'input' we may be giving her.

Keep up the good work mama!