Monday, December 1, 2008

The conversation went something like this:

Man (in suit with strange tie and slicked back hair): I need a black mascara – LANCÔME, non-lengthening.

Me: Okay, let me see what I can do (flipping out because I don’t know where half of my own products are in Clinique, let alone LANCÔME). And the LANCÔME rep was off for the night.

Man: Well, I have to run over to grab something else, so I will be back in a minute.

Me: Frantically looking for something in the LANCÔME line that does NOT lengthen. Found it. But darn, it’s black-brown, not just plain black. Run upstairs to stock and grab a black mascara for dear man with strange tie.

Man: Oh, yes, that’s the one.

Me: Did ‘she’ need anything else (man was wearing wedding ring)?

Man: Oh, you think this is for my wife; it’s for me (joking tone). I do treat people with that ‘disorder’ though…I’m a psychiatrist.

Me: Well, that’s perfectly fine too (rephrase to “Do you need anything else?”)

Man: Nope; she’s got me trained. I bet you have trained your husband well too, haven’t you? I will go out and get my wife anything she wants. It’s easier that way. (and here’s the kicker) You know, A TRAINED HUSBAND IS SORTA LIKE A FORM OF RETARDATION. I’M KIND OF RETARDED LIKE THAT, YOU KNOW. PERHAPS I NEED SOME TREATMENT.

Me: (stunned that this was coming from a doctor) Oh, like Down syndrome, that type of mental retardation?

Man: (knew that he had hit a cord) Um?

Me: My son has Down syndrome. He’s two. I prefer to use other terms when referring to a delay in cognition.

Man: Well, I’m sorry for that – I was only joking. I’d better get home with the mascara for my wife.

The man was the heck out of there quicker than I could turn around to ask him if he needed a flipping receipt.

I have to say that this ruined my entire night. This man was a professional. A professional who treats people with mental disorders. He ought to be ashamed. I suppose I can “almost” tolerate it when it comes from someone who doesn’t think before saying it (although I generally correct people in that instance as well). But, a psychiatrist?

“The customer is always right.” NOT ALWAYS!

I’m going to go and get myself fired. Do I care?


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Oh ugh. :( The things that people say. I'm glad you said something Michelle, I can only hope he'll think about what he says in the future.

Auhdrur said...

Loving the blog!!!

Debbie Yost said...

Hopefully he won't make that mistake again! I'm sorry it ruined your night. ((HUGS))

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Most people (myself included) probably would have chicken out and not said anything. You're my hero!

Rachel said...

Not Cool!

amy flege said...

ugh that had to suck!! I hope he learned a lesson from you!!!!

Dylan and Family said...

Are you kidding!?!?! You handled that fantastically well. About that encounter I have two main thoughts: 1. I'm very sorry you went through that; and 2. Good for you for saying something. It's safe to assume he will never say anything like that again.

By the way, I love your family thanksgiving pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Mara said...

It's great you said something. Hopefully it bit him hard enough to think what comes out of his mouth in the future ! Should be proud of yourself !