Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The small things

What may seem like an insignificant act to some – a day-to-day, unsystematic act of kindness – can indeed make a difference.

This was brought to my attention by an old high school class mate. Apparently, some twenty plus years ago, I did something nice. I won’t divulge with regard to the details, but she said that I made a difference and she’ll never forget what I did. I don’t actually remember doing what she said that I did, but she does and she made me aware of it just recently and how it gave her a “glimmer of hope.”

A glimmer of hope.

Really, isn’t that what we all need?

It’s important. It is important to smile at the stranger that you pass in the grocery store isle. It’s important to give compliments with sincerity, to both strangers and friends. It’s important to hold the little girl’s hand who is struggling at the skating rink while her friends fly by. It’s important to let the person out into stopped traffic in the huge SUV…the one who no one wants to drive behind. And, it is important that the huge SUV driver waves with reciprocation. It’s important to tell the drive through window worker (the one who makes minimum wage) “Thanks and have a nice day.” It’s important to mean it. It’s important to walk around with a smile on your face. Life is too short to be unpleasant…to poke fun…to think that “do unto others” is cliché. It's not.

We all become so downtrodden with the tribulations of life in general. I know that I do. I cry after our son’s therapy sessions. I get angry at my husband for no apparent reason. I use my car’s horn when someone cuts me off. But really, there is no need. What good does it do to honk out of anger? What good does it do to wonder around aimlessly in our home, cursing under my breath at Jeff for tracking mud into the house? And, why cry about Elliot’s lack of progress? I’m trying. He is trying. And, we all need to try.

The most negligible attempts. Those are what matter. And really, whether we know it or not, they will eventually make a difference.

I had to be reminded of that, and am reminding others in return.

So hey, HAVE A NICE DAY! Really!


Kelly Zimm said...

Beautifully written, Michelle!
But I have to admit,
there is nothing that pisses me off more than when I let that huge SUV in and they don't wave or smile to say, "hey thanks for saving me a few minutes of waiting in traffic." (sshhh...but this is the reason Kassidy mimicked my , "Jackass!" while in the car one day) ;)
I then usually poke both thumbs on my horn as hard as I can LOL! But next time I do, I guarantee that I will think of you :)

Carey said...

Thanks for the reminder. I needed it. Yep, the crying part, lack of progress. blah blah blah!!! You're right, she's trying, I'm trying (not hard enough I wonder sometimes) ... anyways, thanks, what a great post!

Rachel said...

Michelle, that is the BEST post I have read from any of my blogging connections EVER! Very Well Said.

I will take that, listen to that, understand that, and put that message in my head for a lifetime. You are the Bomb and I mean that sincerely!


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

You rock Michelle! Beautifully written!!