Friday, March 20, 2009

I don't know what else could happen?

Isaac has pneumonia. He is horribly ill.

His respiration increased to over 60 breaths per minute. His temperature skyrocketed to 105 again. His saturation dropped to around 80. But, did they admit him? No. WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO HOSPITALIZE A CHILD?

I called the new pedi who saw him in the morning before his temp hit the roof. Of course, his sats were normal in-house and his fever was low grade. He was sick in her office but not “ill.” She also diagnosed with a bilateral ear infection. She indicated that after the antibiotics kicked in, we would see an improvement. He became worse, so I called our current PCP and Isaac was seen by their on-call doctor and he immediately said “pneumonia.” He received an antibiotic shot of Rocefrin.

We have Elliot’s follow-up appointment today with the current PCP – do note that the new PCP does not want to treat Elliot until after his surgery. I understand, but not completely. Loose ends and all.

To my dismay, the practice administrator with our current PCP called yesterday and noted that they will no longer see us. I, apparently, cannot openly disagree with the hospitalist’s behavior. I, apparently, cannot say it is NOT okay to discharge a child with RSV from the ER without actually seeing him. She told the ER physician over the phone that, based upon his behavior in the ER, that Isaac could go home; after all, he did take a few sips of electrolyte fluid. And now, he has pneumonia, and is MUCH worse than Elliot ever was with his.

We’ll have the follow-up for Elliot’s pneumonia and 30 days if we “need” anything, but I am afraid that Elliot will not be well in that period and I’ll have no one to clear him for his surgery that needs to take place ASAP. He needs a pre-op. Of course, I have excellent relationships with the physicians at Children’s. They phone me personally to check on Elliot. But, they reside in another city. Do I find a PCP in Omaha and say to heck with the situation here locally? Do I drive 60 miles when Isaac or Nora comes down with the flu or needs to be seen for a well-child check?

I have told a few people about the situation and they are all appalled. I’m not a bad person. I merely spoke my mind with regard to our children’s care. I disagreed with a practice physician’s decisions. Do I not have the right to do so? Do I not have the right to question? What do I have the right to do? People say, “Oh, you are such a good advocate.” But look where it has gotten me. I do not have a doctor for Elliot until after his surgery. My son who needs immediate gallbladder removal, a liver biopsy…you know the story, does not have a PCP until after his body is cut into again.

I just want to go away…away to a place where physicians care for their patients…a place where the doctor-patient relationship is still paramount. Does anyone know where I can go, besides back to the side of my children’s cribs to cry?

On a side note, if indeed Isaac is not beginning to improve by late in the day, I WILL make the silly 60 mile trip. And I do believe that a children’s hospital will admit. And if they don’t, well…then I am just illogical, insane, hell, downright mad. It has to be me that is crazy, right? Not them.


Christina said...

I am so sorry Michelle. I feel for you, i dont have the struggles you do, but I a getting myself all wored up/p-ed off about the day care situation here. I yelled at a person the other day and of course it just got me less respect.
But you ARE doing the right thing,

we will be thinking of you!

Hugs fr Austria

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. I am in shock. I just don't know what to say. Did they even suggest 2 more shots of Rocepin are necessary? This must be so, so frustrating for you.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Oh gosh. I can't believe this. I would be SOOOO mad! We've been through this before with Kennedy and when they finally DID admit her, she was REALLY sick. I threatened to go to the news stations if they didn't admit her and help her, and so they did. They were mad, but she got the help she needed. I hated having to do that, it shouldn't be necessary! We are praying for Isaac and Elliot and you!!! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help! said...

I am sorry to hear he is so sick. But, I think you need to take him to another hospital. Rustin was admitted at Dell Children's b/c his Oxygen was around 88 and he had bronchiolitis and they would not release him until it stayed in the upper 90's. Good luck and I am praying for that little guy.