Saturday, March 28, 2009

My "Wee E" and my Computer

My boy is home. He’s still very ill, but home nonetheless. RSV hangs on like I have never seen and I suppose it hangs on even worse in a wee one with Down syndrome. I do not wish a combination of RSV/pneumonia and Influenza on the worst of my enemies. The stuff is horrid. Heck, the illnesses are horrid alone, but unite all three and look out! Isaac, of course, is back to his Isaac self. He kicked the illnesses right smack dab in the bottom. The kid is a monster and I love it!

Speaking of illness and infection, my computer is at the doctor getting a dose of something today as well. I’m on Jeff’s system, wondering just how his is so much faster than mine; wondering why he has the new laptop and I use the antiquated one. We bought his as a back-up, and he has taken it over. Transferring my business files, my Outlook email and all of my stuff in general would prove to be a nightmare, so the old hooter is at the shop getting an overhaul. I sure do hope that the computer docs can do their job. We all know how I feel about docs in general lately. I suppose par for the course if the thing is beyond refurbishment.

Back to my itinerary for the day. Perhaps I’ll vacuum instead of trying to work on Jeff’s computer sans my personal stuff. UGH!

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Little Miss E said...

I hope he is feeling better soon and life can get back to normal! Whatever normal life is with kids! Thinking of you!