Friday, August 21, 2009

It's okay.

There really has never been anything definitive to hold on to, so I simply hold on to him…Elliot that is. He is definitive, but his abilities are not. But, it’s okay. Now it is time to let him go, speaking figuratively of course.

Elliot’s school vice principal phoned this morning. It seems that it is also time to have him reevaluated.

“We have not had a formal evaluation completed since 2006.”

Sure, that’s when the geneticist defined his enhancement in writing. That was definitive; nothing was left open to consideration. Elliot is definitive, but again, his abilities are not.

Somewhere between the lines…I’ve said it before. That’s where we are. And sometimes things are better left unspoken (and not defined in black and white). It is easier that way. I will forever defend his intentions, although he generally fails in the minds of most. It is okay.

The vice principal in charge of the special education program at the grade school wants to define. Of course, the federal government mandates it. It’s part of the deal.

We will call in all of the specialists: occupational and physical therapy, speech language pathology, the audiologist, the school psychologist, the feeding specialist…the masses. Of course, Elliot’s goals have been delineated formally in his Individual Education Plan, but we need to go one step further according to the school vice principal.

I was a bit taken aback that this meeting was to take place so hurriedly. But, I understand and I certainly take no offence whatsoever.

It is what it is and it will be what it will be. I know that it will be hard to read, but I need to let go.

I indicated that I wanted to look at obtaining a walker for Elliot. I revealed that it took over a year to obtain his wheelchair. The school vice principal said, “Michelle, we take it upon ourselves to do everything we can to help him so he no longer needs the wheelchair.”

“We will do everything in our power to help your son succeed…to learn, to grow.”

I understand; this is what the meetings and the evaluations are for. It is all for the best.

Undeniably, our school system is in place to help our son. The school vice principal understands that Elliot is the only child in class with needs a bit greater than the others who have been defined as having said needs.

I do have to let him go. He will be in good hands (and hearts), and yes, the previously undefined will be defined (at least to the best of the school system’s ability). And, it is all okay.

Wish our dear boy luck on Monday.

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