Friday, August 7, 2009

My three-year old is still my baby.

Happy birthday, Elliot!

Momma still listens through silence.
Momma still reads between the lines.
Momma still waits for you to stand…to walk.
Momma still dresses you in 18-month clothes.
Momma still tries with all of her might to feed you.
And…momma loves it that you are taking your time to grow up.

As all mothers would agree, it is hard to witness their beloved babies take their next precious steps into toddlerhood. Elliot takes his time. His wee brother Isaac is not so tiny anymore. He runs; he speaks; he loves life. And, so does Elliot.

The thoughts of Elliot’s brother surpassing him scared me at first. But now, I appreciate Elliot’s pace all the more. I revel in his accomplishments, but I enjoy the fact that he takes all of the time in the world to complete the things that many take for granted. It is about the small things…and without Elliot; I would have certainly missed (or rather been oblivious to) a great deal.

I am holding on to Elliot’s tempo with all my might. And yes, he’s three tomorrow (August 8), and indeed, has come so very far from his 4-pound, 32-week status at birth, but momma loves the fact that she still sees a baby in a three-year old body. A body, mind you, that has endured so much from a medical standpoint. My kid is a rock. His courage unswerving and his determination…well, nothing to shake a stick at.

God loves you Elliot.

And, so does momma…

Happy THIRD birthday, my precious baby boy!


Christina M said...

happy bday big boy!!!

Hugs fr Austria

Mommy to those Special Ks said...


Kelly Zimm said...

The photo of you feeding him with that tiny bottle brought a flash back to me; we had to use those same itsy bitsy bottles with Layton for the first few months!
Happy Birthday, Elliott!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Wee E and you too Michelle!

luvmypeanut said...

I missed it by a day, but I hope you had a wonderful day!!!

mom2noah said...

Happy Belated Birthday Elliot!! You got my vote as well!

Michelle said...

Happy belated 3rd birthday Elliott!