Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 - thus far...

Happy New Year? Well, I’m trying to look at the bright side of things. But, multiple illnesses have kind of sent me over the edge. My poor blog – not updated since Halloween!

We started the year off with a bang. Sir Isaac took a trip to the ER on New Year’s Eve. He was diagnosed with a bilateral ear infection the previous Wednesday. Prescribed antibiotic produced an allergic reaction and needless to say, according to two ER physicians, he did not have an ear infection…no strep, no Influenza…just a high fever; a silly fever that lasted for three days, sitting around 104. Then, the rash – a horrible rash. He had Roseola – very common, and not very serious unless the fever goes untreated or unless your name is ‘Elliot’ and you really don’t do well fighting viruses. Elliot is currently fever free - for now!

My Nora was in Kansas City for her first dance competition of the year (with my husband and mother, not me, no less) over that particular weekend. I missed the entire thing. She was fabulous I was told, but came home and immediately began vomiting (at school) the following Monday. Three days of puke!

Staph infection also set in – Elliot twice on his new g-tube. Wee E has been on antibiotic for over a month!

Yesterday, Isaac began to vomit. Just in the morning, so that particular symptom bothered me quite a lot. Please vomit all day of you are going to vomit…otherwise, momma will think the worst. Momma knows too much! He’s had episodes of one puke here, one puke there before, so I worry. I do suppose that he is just a child that has a weak tummy, gets car sick, etcetera, but you know me…read between the lines.

This morning – sick husband, lying in bed…not moving with a high fever. I have yet to approach the boy’s bedroom. I’m scared.


I cannot get sick. I never have been allowed. But today, I will head to the endodontist to have a root canal (gone bad) retreated. Will I complain? Hell no! Will it hurt? Most certainly, yes.

But, as all of the fellow mommas know, our ills are in our head. Never more.

My Happy New Year will commence on February 1. That’s the plan. Does someone want to bring me a bottle to ring it in appropriately?


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