Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In Honor Of Dear Mikey

Sweet Mikey is a little boy who passed away on February 22, 2007. I got the pleasure of "meeting" Mikey and his family through a message board that I participate in. Another friend, Connie (http://gotsnow.org), posted a tribute to Mikey on her blog and I am following her lead (and the lead of others on our message board) by posting a special tribute to beloved Mikey.

I send continued prayers and love to Mikey’s family: his parents, Danielle and Chris and brothers, Dominic and Joey. A special thank you to Danielle for sharing the delightful pictures of Mikey that you’ll see here. May God be with you and your family.

Dancing with the Angels by Monk & Neagle

Memories surround me
But sadness has found me
I’d do anything for more time
Never before has someone meant more
And I can’t get you out of my mind
There is so much that I don’t understand
But I know
You’re dancing with the angels
Walking in new life
You’re dancing with the angels
Heaven fills your eyes
Now that you’re dancing with the angels
You had love for your family
Love for all people
Love for the Father, and Son
Your heart will be heard
In your unspoken words
Through generations to come
There is so much that I don’t understand
But I know you’re dancing with the angels…
We’re only here for such a short time
So I’m gonna stand up
Shout out And sing Hallelujah
One day I’ll see you again

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djmmom said...

Thank you for remembering my dear Mikey. I was lucky to have found such wonderful friends on the T21 board. Thank you.

-Danielle Mikey's Mom