Friday, April 13, 2007

Or so they say.

My wee boy has started to speak! Well, let’s call it “babbling” for now, but I like to refer to it as speech! His first sound...get ready, “MAAA MAAA!!” He says it with such glee! And you know, I have told a few folks and they all have said the same thing, “Ma never comes out first!” Did I teach my little man to say “mommy?” Conceivably. Conceivably not. But, whatever or whomever he is referring to; this little first word melts my heart nonetheless.

He’s got “BA” down pat as well. In Elliot’s world, what, really, is of the essence? Me, of course, and the dearly loved bottle.


amy flege said...

oh yeah elliot!!!!! mama is the best word ever especially when it come from your lil one! mayson says mama but dada is still her favorite word...go figure!

mom2rhett said...

Way to go Elliot! It just goes to show you that Maaaa! is the joy of his life!!

Jessica said...

Yay Elliot!! Joey's first words were Mama too!! But of course, now it's all Dada, no mama! I still get a mama in here and there though.


DeRogatis/Frilingos Household said...

Just found your blog. Elliot is adorable! Hurray for first words!