Thursday, December 13, 2007

Prayers for dear Elliot. Please.

Tomorrow, Elliot will undergo a MRI to look for a possible venous malformation as well as a repeat bronchoscopy to review what the pulmonologist is referring to as a partial collapsed lung. Upon examination and undergoing a chest x-ray on Monday, the dear pulm. noted that we would not have to endure yet another bronch. Seems that he misinformed us, as this morning he phoned to let me know that BOTH procedures would be executed. Damn.

Elliot also has tracheomalacia as well as laryngomalacia – essentially, in layman’s terms – a very floppy airway causing obstruction while asleep. So, Elliot will be put under general anesthesia for a good four hours tomorrow (and he does not handle general well at all). I’m primarily worried about the potential venous malformation, as that could really wreak havoc on down the road. Yes, it can be “fixed,” but that course of action is extremely invasive and cannot be handled in the Midwest. Venous malformations can cause brain bleeds, seizures, and other not so wonderful things without warning.

So, if you get a free moment, say a little prayer for my little man. All I want for Christmas is his health.


Stephanie said...

Where are you looking at going if surgery is needed?

~Melissa~ said...

That beautiful little boy (and you) are in my prayers today. I hope all goes well.

amy flege said...

saying a prayer sweet elliot..... keep us updated!!!!!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

I'm hoping everything comes back fine!

Michelle said...

Stopping by to see how Elliot is doing. Hope you had a good weekend. Any more news from the tests? We are praying for Elliot and is health!!