Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thanks, Shannon!

Dear Shannon at Gabi’s World has given me the Christmas Spirit Award. To my dismay, I cannot get the flash code to work on my blog, but perhaps some of my recipients can.

So, what’s this award all about? As stated on the owner’s blog, “Quite simply it is those that have a generous and giving nature. Those who care about others. Those who have a kind word to say or a broad shoulder to lean on in the times that others need that. Those who display the ‘Spirit of Christmas’.”

Hey Thanks, Shannon! I give this award to Steph at A is for Aiden; Mrs. Wibbs at Going Deeper, Getting Better, Growing Stronger and Amy at The Flege Farm. Go here for the code. Maybe some of you can get it to work! Ho Ho Ho!!


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Your Welcome!

And, Don't worry! The Flash is not working on anyone's now! It worked the first day I downloaded it, then stopped. At 1st, I thought it was just my blog, but every blog I checked, it wasn't working. Hopefully, they will fix it soon.

Mrs Wibbs said...

My, thank you Michelle!! I don't know what to say and feel very undeserving...and humbled :)
I guess the idea is to pass the award on to a few more people?
Something for me to do ;)
Take care friend.
Rachel xx