Thursday, February 28, 2008


As hers are lost, his are gained. Nora is down one tooth, and I do believe Wee E is sporting about 10. And, Isaac is getting his bottom two as well. The Tooth Fairy visited and brought Nora a book (about being a Tooth Fairy) and a crisp dollar bill. What's next I wonder. She has another that is becoming a bit unsteady.


~Melissa~ said...

They look so cute! Dominic has been asking me every day when he is going to loose a tooth - he hasn't lost one yet.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

They are all growing up on you, mom! I got a glimpse into Preston's mouth the other day and his mouth is loaded with teeth now. They doubled since my last good look. I thought "Oh now that explains the 2 am awakenings and loose stools."

So where is the picture of the baby's toofer?

Christina said...

So cute! I have a 7 year old that hasn't lost a tooth yet...she is very upset about it! LOL I told her you won't be when you see what it looks like when they come out! LOL

Amy said...

Wow - your kids are so big! They look great with or without teeth.

Pam said...

Chloee keeps asking when she is going to loose her teeth, I guess she is getting closer to that age!!

They grow so fast. Thinking of you, I know you are swamped, but if you get a second, we got some awsome news, so check out my blog.

Loves to you guys!!