Wednesday, March 5, 2008

no time

I have not been blogging for a bit. I have had very little free time as of late. Elliot is not feeling well. I do believe that he has my cold/flu that I am just now starting to get over after nearly three weeks. I pray that he is on the mend by March 14 - surgery for his tethered spine.

I have been working non-stop. Seems that I am up until 1-2 a.m. every night, then back up at 6 a.m. to get a head start on the day before kiddos arise and breakfast, baths and diaper duty commences.

Isaac finally began to roll. Started that last Sunday. His face is marked with glee each and every time he rolls. Darn it though - he cannot get back over. I hear a very specific shriek and I know that he is caught! Off then to his rescue.

Speaking of which, I hear one of the babes calling for me now. Jeff, of course, is in bed. Oh, how I wish I could just go to bed!

Hope to get my Wordless Wednesdays up and running again soon. That's another thing - finding time to take a photograph or two. Better do it quick...before they all grow up!


Christina said...

Man...I hope your sickies go away for good and that your schedule winds down some.

~Melissa~ said...

So sorry that dear Elliot is feeling bad - you all need a break! Working hard with sick kids and feeling unwell yourself is no fun. I hope today is the day everyone is on the mend!!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Hope everyone is on the mend and that Elliot is better before surgery!

Pam said...

Wait a mean you don't sit around the house all day eating bon bons??????? ;)

Love you, hope you are all feeling better soon.


amy flege said...

oh hon, iam sorry elliot is sick. glad you are feeling better though! I know the feeling of working hard and not getting a break. it sucks! I hope you can get some "my time" soon!!!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear Elliot is sick! Hope he gets well in time for his surgery!

I can't believe Isaac is 6 months now - it does go by fast doesn't it? Whoo hoo on the rolling over!

Mrs Wibbs said...

Glad you're on the mend! Keep trusting that E will be well for his surgery...will pray that he heals very quickly. Hugs