Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sticks and stones will break my bones, and words will ALWAYS hurt me!

On the merry-go-round as children, we all have heard the phrase. Really, though, we should, as a society, be intent in today’s day and age to affirm the realization that words DO hurt.

There will be those that claim that personal power is lacking. There are those of the gay and lesbian movement that claim the labels of “fag” and/or “queer” publicly. We have also heard people of the African American race calling each other “nigger.” It could be looked at as a healthy response, I suppose – a paradigm of empowerment. It simply makes it impossible, I also suppose, for homophobic or racist bashers to trouble either group with these malevolent, horrid words, simply because certain individuals (not all--but some) have declared that the words now “belong” to them. They have been forced to do this. Sadly forced.

But, in the case of the word “retard,” I highly doubt that one will find two intellectually disabled individuals calling each other “retarded.” That is where the line is drawn.

Indeed, it is easy to say that the “name caller” is feeling fragile or inferior, therefore the insults occur. But, is dear Ben Stiller weak? Is the powerhouse, DreamWorks, feeble? Au contraire!

Why did they hit below the belt with freedom of open speech? Why take advantage of said American right?

Comic satire? A spoof of sorts?

I beg to differ. And, so does my son. But he, of course, does not have the words to do so as of yet.

A dear friend and many others have written very powerful words with regard to the new movie “Tropic Thunder.” Do go here to read more. And, please, for the sake of Elliot and many, many others who have been sanctified as being perfect in God’s eyes, boycott this movie and all that it stands for.

Full Retard? Dear God, what’s next?