Saturday, August 9, 2008

What’s in a date?

Yesterday was Elliot’s second birthday. For that reason alone it was a great day. What's more, it was a day celebrated universally with the opening ceremonies of our great Olympic games. Reflecting “the value of harmony” as indicated by the “One World One Dream” tagline of this year’s games, the day stood for a “bright future” for ALL mankind.

The number eight in general, I have come to discover, is also considered to be very lucky by numerologists, particularly in the Asian cultures. Interestingly enough, many Chinese women elected to induce their babies on this date and many scheduled Caesarean sections…just, well, because 8-8-08 is an exceptionally lucky day.

Elliot was born on 8-8-06. Two years ago, I know, but he has two “8s” in place. That counts for something, I think.

Two years ago, I was not considering myself to be at all lucky. Quite the contrary. But today, I laugh. For the gift that I have been given is not given to many people: perhaps one in 800 or so. There is that charming “8” again. If I had known then what I know now, I would never have second guessed his birthday, albeit two months before “schedule.” God knew what He was doing.

And, He knew what he was doing yesterday too. On a day that the world celebrates diversity of culture in general, I too celebrated Elliot’s diversity.



We did have a beautiful day. A tremendous highlight, of course, was this. God bless my friend, Pam, her dear (and so very talented) husband, Andy, and their beloved kiddos. I cannot begin to tell them just how touched I am by their gesture. Thank you to everyone also, particularly my mom, who made it an even more extraordinary day.

Extraordinary. Across the globe.


Debbie Yost said...

Very interesting. He sure is one cute kid, that's for sure. Happy b-day a day late!

Violet said...

My name is Violet. You don't know me but, I"m 22 years old and I live in Seattle, Wa. I've been around special needs kids my whole life and have a passion for them. My little sister has a minor form of retardation and cerbral palsey. Her 1 year old son has been showing signs of delays. I grew up around many families with children who are "different" abled :) . I even nanny for a little boy born at 26 weeks with many complications from it.
I stubmled upon your blog throug "myspecialks". Excuse me for butting in and offering advice where it is not asked. I noticed Elliot in a front pack a few posts back. Because the boy I nanny is in a wheel chair, and i also watch his 2 year old brother, I invested in an Ergo carrier. I can't manage a wheel chair and a stroller at the same time. C. is 28pds. and it is the best thing ever. He can be carried front, back, or hip. It holds up to 50 pds. We went on a 2 mile hike, and my back did not even hurt. Just a thought.

BOth your kiddos are adorable.

~Melissa~ said...

I just heard that about 8s! A lucky day indeed! We were celebrating Wee E and his special day! He is just the sweetest birthday boy!

Stephanie said...

You have been tagged for an award.

Chris said...

Happy belated birthday!

I love the photo of him in his birthday hat!

May the next year be full of health, happiness, and new discoveries!

Kitty, Nathanael's Mom said...

What a precious lil boy! I love that picture of him with the monkey! I just want to hug him!

I love your insight and the eloquence with which you describe the process you've been through to get to here, now. You are truly very blessed for having Wee E. He truly is a little miracle and such a sweetheart! I'm glad you all had such a wonderful day!!