Friday, October 10, 2008

31 for 21 (#10) Marvelous people

Get It Down; 31 for 21
In addition to my T21 plates, I display a Down syndrome awareness magnet on the back of my SUV. I thought that the T21 message may confuse people, and the magnet would clarify or, at very least, prompt some to look into what “T21” actually is.

I was in the Starbucks drive through yesterday, backed up at 8:05 as usual, and a woman gets out of her car behind me and knocks on my window!

I thought, “Oh no; my tire must be low!” Nope! Instead this woman, dressed to the nines in a full business suit (I’m in sweats with no make-up and no shower; two babies in the back slurping bottles – you get the picture) proceeds to ask me if she could BUY my magnet! And, then she whips out her wallet!

I was stunned – I said, “Well, gosh, it isn’t for sale, but I found it online at this site…bla, bla…” She said that she was going to go there and buy them for all of her family, friends, etc. I ask her if she has a child or relative or friend with Down syndrome. “No, I’m just inspired with your advocacy.” “You are blessed and others should be so lucky.”

Can you say, “WOW?!”

I bawled all the way home from Starbucks. Happy tears!


Christina said...

That is so cool! Good to know that there are 'normal' normals out there :-D

hugs fr Austria

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

WOW that is SO cool!! :) It only takes a spark...

Laurie said...

I found your blog on the "Gifts" website.
I just think that is so great!! Do you mind if I ask you where you got the magnet online? I'd definitely love one of those as well : )

Christina said...

That is totally cool!

Rachel said...

I am bawling now...what a terrific woman! I am one of those people. I do not have a child with Down Syndrome, but wish I did. They have to be the sweetest kids I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

That is a fantastic story! I am sending a great big cyber space hug for that woman right now!

Chris said...

Wow is right!