Sunday, May 3, 2009


Lincoln Public Schools does a wonderful job incorporating the importance of the arts in their core curriculum. And each year, star artists are chosen from each grade school. Nora was one of three first grade students selected this year from her elementary school. The art remains on display at the district office (who hosted today’s reception) for a bit and will subsequently travel to an area business and remain on display for a year. I was a proud momma today. Jeff unfortunately is still at the hospital with Elliot who is nevertheless in great deal of pain. I was happy, at very least, that one of us could dote on our very deserving 7-year old artiste! She’s a gem...and a talented one at that!


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

What an amazing and beautiful artist you have! It looks like you had a wonderful time with her.

I'm thinking of Little E too and hope that he is comfortable soon. xo

datri said...

Wow, those are awesome! Very Keith Haring-ish. Congrats for you little artist!

Pam said...

OH Nora!! So beautiful!! I am super proud of you too!!

Thanks for sharing that Michelle.

I hope Elliot is home soon. Poor little guy. Sigh. I wish things were easier for him.


Lisa said...

Wow she surely is incredibly talented!!! Congratulations Nora!!!

Lisa and Lily

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Way to go Nora!!!!! VERY cool!

Tara Marie said...

These are wonderful......and what a great award, Tell Nora we are so proud of her!!!!

I've been thinking about you and Wee E, I just heard he had surgery. I have been so out of the loop and have not had time to catch up on blogs.

Sending all of our love and prayers to sweet Elliot.

Peace and love, Tara Marie & Emma Sage

Michelle said...

Congrats to Nora! She draws better than I do that's for sure! What an achievement!

I'm sorry to hear Elliott is still in so much pain :(