Friday, May 1, 2009

Dear Wee E - Update

I’m home and Elliot resides at Children’s with Jeff. He was looking very weary following the procedures:

1. Gallbladder removal: Surgery performed laparoscopically using 4 small incisions in Elliot’s abdomen. In addition to removing the gallbladder, our surgeon performed a study called a cholangiography: a dye study of the bile ducts. The study used the same 4 small incisions that were used to remove his gallbladder. The purpose of the study was to make sure no gallstones had fallen out of the gallbladder into the main bile duct. They had not.

2. Liver biopsy

3. Upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopy with systematic biopsies

The findings were interesting. The surgeon indicated that he could not “feel” the stones after Elliot’s gallbladder was removed. They were obviously present on the ultrasound, but who knows. His organ is off to the lab.

His gallbladder was embedded in his liver. It was hard to remove. His liver appeared to be composed of normal tissue and to the naked “eye” through the scope, it looked good, but…it had an “extra lobe.” This shocked the surgeon and while he did not think that this finding posed a problem, he found it to be very odd. That’s my boy! Biopsy off to the lab as well. We wait!

Elliot’s endoscopy series also brought something to our attention that “should” have been caught (on numerous occasions) by our pediatrician and by his ENT. Elliot’s tonsils are so enlarged that they are touching. He has severe oropharyngeal obstruction including: enlarged tonsils, a short neck and a somewhat enlarged tongue. Ding dong! Apnea? Yep, how many times have I also mentioned THAT! We’ll see.

Let’s see. I “think,” unless that I am some kind of a nut, that this (tonsils that is) may be the root cause of Elliot’s difficulty swallowing, hence probable inability TO EAT SOLID FOOD! And how the heck was it missed? So yes, we’ll head back to the ENT. Oh, and zero infection was present. Sure, they could have recently become enlarged, but that is not my gut instinct. Ah well…onward and upward.

I proudly made it through the day. Cried my eyes out as he was taken away, but stopped promptly as I do love his surgeons. Thank you, Rhonda, for helping me maintain a sense of confidence in them (and for the “text.”) xxxooo to you!

High hopes that he’ll head home tomorrow. Hoping for zero right shoulder pain too (gasses escaping). Strange, huh?

My boy is so brave. And, because of him, I’m becoming a bit more valiant as well (day by day).

Thanks for all of the prayers! And, “Michael P.”, thanks for the visit. You’re a love!

…updates following biopsy results.


Pam said...

I'm glad everything went well. Crazy how these boys like to baffle the Dr's with their odd little things that they harbor in their body eh?

His little face looks so tired. I just want to pick him up and love on him. Hoping that tomorrow brings good news of him coming home, and darn those tonsils.

We are dealing with that with Chloee now as well. Her's are not infected yet touching. She is scheduled for surger at the end of the month.

How is Nora doing? I think of her so much and how her and Chloee would be such good friends.

Love you guys. Alot.

Tamara said...

Michelle - So glad it went so well. Lots of prayers that you get good news and figure out how to deal with those dang tonsils.

Amanda said...

Michelle, I'm glad things generally went off without a hitch. You gotta love how the doctor's think they know everything and then your special little boy just throws them a curveball! :D

And boo on them for not listening to the Mama re: tonsils.

Prayers for a speedy recovery so he can come home soon!!

luvmypeanut said...

I didn't know if you had texting or not and I hated to call in case E was sleeping or you were talking to the docs.....Alex and I have a cold (hopefully not swine flu...hehehe) so I did not want to come up. Well I wanted too, but I thought it best that I do not!

Many prayers and hugs to you. Our boys are never easy are they???

Jessica said...

HUGS, thoughts and prayers coming your way! Love ya!

Kelly Zimm said...

Praying for good news from the lab!
Thanks for updating!

datri said...

So glad it all went well!

Melissa said...

I love that first pic; I just want to snuggle him!

I'm so glad that he's done and recovering. The poor kiddo. He likes to keep everyone on their toes, huh?

Wish I could hug you, too.

Amy said...

Wishing E. a swift recovery. I am glad that the surgery went well and that you are finding some answers to pressing questions.

Michelle said...

Poor little guy! He went through so much! Praying that they get some answers from the results of all those procedures!