Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy birthday, baby boy!

Isaac is a jovial, vigorous and very energetic two-year old. And, after two years of his rambunctious nature, I’m still kicking…and so is Jeff.

Our boy is in love with cars, Elmo (of course), balls and the phone – cellular phones, the home devices, play phones, etc. He has taken it upon himself to throw my mobile in the trash on more than one occasion. His language skills are really above average and he spends a great deal of time engaging in his own special conversations on the phone. It is quite comical.

Isaac especially enjoys his brother, Elliot. The two are really starting to play well together, and while I had a horrible premonition regarding Elliot’s needs being pushed to the sidelines after Isaac arrived, the situation is quite the contrary. Indeed, it is hard to witness Elliot’s younger sibling surpass him in all areas, but Isaac’s achievements only make me appreciate Elliot’s all the more. I literally forgot just how quickly things transpire with a typical child. He crawled, walked and ran in no time flat. He masters a multitude of fine motor skills. He is teaching Elliot sign language due to the absolute brilliance of Rachel Coleman. He eats like a horse and really does not dislike much of anything he can shove in. But what he does best is motivate sweet Elliot. Charming is an understatement.

Isaac too is an angel…an angel of typical chromosomal make-up, but a gift from God as well. I remember all too well how the physicians tried to impress upon me the unqualified value of an amniocentesis while pregnant with Isaac. Of course, I refused. And, Isaac was born just as typical as typical gets…all boy and all Isaac.

God bless you my two-year old, my baby boy with angelic curls who now does so much more than toddle! Happy second birthday (September 7, 2009)!

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